Fast and easy WordPress hosting without compromise

Medieval is WordPress hosting that doesn't suck. We pride ourselves on the level of support we offer our customers, and we manage a technology stack that allows us to get you immense performance and reliability out of your WordPress site.

It just works.

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The Best WordPress Hosting solution is when you're finally able to let go.

We give you an installation of the latest WordPress to access as an Administrator. Point your domain name, and you are away! Leave it to the professionals.

Highly secured, stable, fast and backed up daily for 30 days.

If you have a problem, contact us—work less on solving hosting issues and more on your business.

Medieval is a premium shared hosting provider focusing on the things you need. — Helpful support, — Decent performance, — Reasonable price, — At least 1 GB RAM, — LiteSpeed server to use the LiteSpeed cache plugin, — Good bandwidth, — Great reviews!

Feel the POWER

Of One-Thousand kittens

CPU cores minimum per server
Redundant All-Flash Solid State Storage
Networking Throughput
Latest PHP with OpCache
7.4 / 8.1
Cutting-Edge HTTP/3 Support
Enterprise Web Server with LiteSpeed Cache Engine
Disk I/O speed (per account)
Memory allocation
(Keep PRO Plan)
2 GB
3200MHz Memory
99.95% Uptime Guarantee
High Availability (HA)

We care about performance

Raw grunty performance in any WordPress site comes from delicately tuned servers and speedy execution. Our servers use All-Flash NVMe Storage, have loads of CPU cores and memory, and are configured to be rock stable.

LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise powers our application servers, and the complementary LiteSpeed WordPress caching plugin speaks directly to the backend faster than any competing PHP-based solution on Earth.

A full-page cache can drastically improve your page performance by dishing up the most recent copy, minus the wait.

You'll discover that your website is more responsive than ever before.

No need to tinker with server admin & configuration

We offer a packaged service in which all technical aspects of server configuration are handled by yours truly, wrapped with legendary support.

You are no longer fighting with unwieldy, complicated, confusing, stupid control panels. By hosting your site with Medieval, you're less likely to unleash greek fire on yourself, accidentally or otherwise.

And while we manage everything on the server for you, you've still got the freedom to modify .htaccess and php.ini yourself if needed.

Legendary Support

We've mastered our craft after 32 years of working with performant Linux systems, including 14 years of developing and building with WordPress. The support we offer you comes from decades of experience and knowledge.

All technical support is handled by engineers that have the access, authority and expertise to solve your issue.

There are NO first-level techs and no auto-responders or ticketing systems. You will always deal with a human engineer.

You'd get a quick response from a knowledgeable tech who can fix stuff without playing the runaround game. That's Legendary.

Yes, Your Highness.

Can you survive several hours of downtime every month?

At Medieval, we'll strive to do our best to minimise downtime.

With hardware redundancy and auto fail-over, your website has a better chance over cheaper, unreliable hosting alternatives. Our servers have super High Availability (HA) by running across two data centres.

If the service hosting your website falls to its knees, it pops back up online within seconds.

You can't get better availability any other way. That's why we back our service with an excellent 99.95% uptime guarantee.

What else is cool?

  • Up to 30 days offsite rolling-backups

  • FTP, SFTP, and SSH access to account filesystem. WordPress command-line interface (WP-CLI) also available via SSH. phpMyAdmin interface available for direct database access

  • Free SSL. Full-time HTTPS. Certificates provided by Let's Encrypt. Or you can bring your own.

  • Unmetered visitors (fair use policy applies)

  • No hidden fees. No surprise over-bandwidth charges. No contracts.

  • Comodo Web Application Firewall (CWAF)

  • Complete service specification

Check out these real-world live sites hosted at Medieval

Bella MamaBella Mama

WooCommerce Store with LiteSpeed full-page caching.

Bella Mama is a WooCommerce store with 35 active plugins. Quite typical of a fully-loaded WooCommerce store, the more plugins you add, the slower your website. This website is unbelievably fast with the LiteSpeed built-in caching system and the thunderous roar of a 16-core host server.

Visit Bella Mama


WordPress site without any caching plugin.

Radicallys' website is your standard WordPress with 20 active plugins and the WPBakery page builder. What is unique about this website and worth mentioning is that there is no caching plugin. We all know page builders add waiting times and bloat. This website doesn't have that problem, thanks to Medievals' high-performance database setup.

Visit Radically

Friends of Te PapaFriends of Te Papa

A lot of moving parts and high traffic.

We've seen The Friends of Tepapa website evolve over the years. It is by no means a small website with over 250 blog posts. Over 80 plugins provide the functionality they need, including WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, an event ticketing system, and various social media platform integrations. Again, no caching plugin, yet the site is still fast and responsive.

Visit Friends of Te Papa

Easy InkEasy Ink

Taking performance to the next level.

While we are geared up and specialised in hosting WordPress sites, this one is the exception. Easy Ink is no WordPress website. It's an Open Cart store. Quite a busy one too. We've learned a lot from hosting this one, enabling us to advance our systems and implement behind-the-scenes improvements which benefit everyone. It also allows us to detect quirky behaviour, which we may not necessarily pick up on a WordPress site.

Visit Easy Ink