Get up to $500 Towards Faster Hosting

Fed up with endless upsells, annoying add-ons, and frustrating capacity limits? Frustrated by the lack of support from your current host? It's time for an upgrade. Medieval is here to assist you in discovering the perfect monthly plan and rewarding you with up to $500. Say goodbye to those limitations, and say hello to months of unparalleled hosting – all on the house!

The security-first platform

Bring Everything You've Built with You.

Migrations are free.

Medieval expertly migrates sites like yours every day, no matter how vast or intricate they may be. Our dedicated team has your back at every stage of the process.

How Our Contract Buyout Program Works

Submit Your Current Host Information: Say goodbye to your old hosting woes. We will need;

  • The name of your current host
  • The amount of time you have left on your prepaid contract
  • The most recent invoice from your current host
  • The monthly Medieval plan you want to purchase

Eligibility Assessment by Our Specialists: Our experts will swiftly evaluate your eligibility, ensuring a smooth transition to better hosting.

Medieval Buys Out Your Contract: Once approved, we take care of buying out your existing contract, so you can swiftly embark on your hassle-free migration. It's that simple.

How Is My Buyout Amount Calculated?

Existing Contract Value: We consider both the remaining money and time left on your current hosting contract.

Division by Monthly Medieval Cost: This total contract value is divided by the monthly cost of your new Medieval hosting plan.

Application to Medieval Hosting: The calculated value is then applied as closely as possible to your new Medieval hosting plan.

Monthly Cost Adjustment: After your Medieval service is activated, you pay $0 month-to-month for the equivalent value of the money remaining on your current hosting contract.


Mary, who has already paid for 2 years of hosting for her website, qualifies for our buyout program. We'll ensure she maximises the value of her prepaid hosting.

John has a monthly hosting plan with a contractual commitment to pay that amount for three years. He is eligible for our buyout program, which can help him transition to superior hosting with Medieval, ensuring he gets the most out of his hosting investment.

Simon's hosting plan includes a unique service where the host updates his plugins for him. While Simon is eligible for our buyout program for hosting services, please note that this specific service falls outside the scope of the program. We recommend that Simon contacts our team to explore how we can accommodate his hosting needs and provide any necessary plugin update solutions.

Andrew finds himself locked into a hosting contract for three long years, and his host won't consider a refund. Thankfully, Andrew qualifies for our buyout program, which can provide him with a way out of his current hosting commitment. We'll ensure he makes a seamless transition to Medieval hosting without incurring additional costs or penalties.

Kirsty enjoys the flexibility of a month-to-month hosting plan without a binding contract. However, this type of hosting doesn't qualify for our buyout program, as the program is designed for transitioning from contracted hosting services. Kirsty can continue to enjoy the freedom of her non-contract hosting while exploring the superior hosting options Medieval offers.


Our hosting buyout program is available during business hours Monday through Friday EST. Your contract buyout may not be immediate if your request falls outside of business hours. If you need to switch hosts immediately, we recommend buying a new plan.

In order to process your contract buyout request and create your free hosting offer, we will need (1) the name of your current host, (2) the amount of time you have left on your prepaid contract, (3) the most recent invoice from your current host, and (4) the monthly Medieval plan you want to purchase.

Your existing hosting provider will continue to receive payments from you as usual. There is no need to worry about contract termination fees. When transitioning to Medieval, your current contract remains in effect, ensuring that your payments to your current provider continue uninterrupted, while you enjoy the benefits of superior hosting with Medieval.

Month-to-month contracts with another hosting provider don't qualify for our buyout program. This is primarily because you won't realise the maximum savings by participating in the program.

No, this offer is exclusively for hosting services and does not apply to maintenance care packages or additional support services.

If your contract includes support add-ons in addition to hosting, we evaluate eligibility on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to our team, and we'll work with you to determine the best approach for your unique situation.

We apply an approximate equivalent NZD amount for international currencies.

Reach our sales team anytime! Email us or start a live chat now.

How Do We Stand Out Among Other WordPress Hosts?

Toolkit and Site Management

SSH Terminal Access

Unlock the Power of Direct Control. Gain secure, direct access to your server with SSH, allowing you to manage your WordPress environment with precision and efficiency. Your developer will know what it means if you don't.

WP-Cli + Midnight Commander

Streamlined WordPress Management. Combine WP-CLI's command-line power with the user-friendly interface of Midnight Commander for an efficient and seamless WordPress management experience.

SFTP + phpMyAdmin

Safe and Easy WordPress File and Database Management. Use SFTP for secure file transfers and phpMyAdmin for effortless database control, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience for your WordPress site.

Server-side Monitoring

WP Core Integrity Scans

We routinely scan the "WordPress Core" for any altered, suspicious, or unnecessary files. Our system is equipped to autonomously initiate self-healing protocols and notify our team.

WordPress Login Brute-force Protection

Your Shield Against Unauthorised access. Our robust security protocols stand guard against persistent login attempts and unauthorised intrusions, guaranteeing peace of mind for both you, your users, and fellow administrators.

Real-time Fatal Error Alerts

Our system will monitor your site for PHP Fatal Errors and promptly notify you when they occur.

^ Keep +$7/mo | Keep Pro / Stronghold — included for free


Real-time Reactive Firewall

Immediate Protection for Your Website from a staggering 13.7 million malicious IP addresses, and the worlds foremost Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention System.

Robust Data Protection

We provide a thorough data protection strategy for your website. These incremental hourly snapshots encompass both your site's files and database, guaranteeing continuous data backup.

Automated Malware and Virus scans

Constant Vigilance for a Secure WordPress Environment. We regularly inspect your site, ensuring it remains free from harmful malware and viruses, keeping your online presence safe and sound.


Real Support

All technical support is handled by engineers that have the access, authority and expertise to solve your issue.

Total Server Care, Our Expertise

No need to tinker with server admin & configuration. We offer a packaged service in which all technical aspects of server configuration are handled by yours truly, wrapped with legendary support. Skip server admin and config tasks. We manage it all for you.

NZ-based Legendary Support

We've mastered our craft after 34 years of working with performant Linux systems, including 15 years of developing and building with WordPress. The support we offer you comes from decades of experience and knowledge.